Hurtigruta Carglass

Company: Hurtigruta Carglass AS (Legal: Carglass AS)
Name: Jonas Andersen
Title: Business Controller
Industry: Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles (VGRR)
Number of employees: 253

What have we done together?

We have implemented the entire IFRS16 structure together. Share Control has been a fantastic supporter during the entire implementation, and with the expertise they possess and the system they deliver, this has been virtually painless.
We had well over 100 contracts that were entered in a very good and orderly manner, and the process and implementation that Share Control assisted with made our everyday life considerably easier.

Share Control delivered tailor-made solutions to us to make the integration with the accounting system easier. They came up with an export function that enabled me to easily post a miscellaneous voucher into the system.

How did Carglass become a customer of Share Control?

When we were told by our parent company that we had to switch to IFRS16. Then the search began for a partner who could assist us with this. We had previously used another supplier of a contract system, but their offer did not measure up to what Share Control could offer. We came into contact with Share Control through a recommendation from our auditing firm KPMG. The offer we received was less expensive than the competitors and they showed a competence we could trust.

In what way does Share Control deliver value to you?

The overview we get from the system is reliable, and the calculations are done very easily and smoothly. This allows us to focus on more value-creating work for our company.
The auditor can easily go in to see everything that has been done and can track all changes back, which makes our work easier when they visit.

What must Share Control do for us to continue being a customer?

The collaboration works very well. As long as Share Control continues to develop the product they offer and assist with the expertise they have, I would not think about switching. The auditor is satisfied and we are satisfied!

Hurtigruta Carglass® helps you regardless of the glass damage you have suffered. We repair stone chip damage and replace car glass regardless of make and model, whether it’s a car, van, lorry or camper.