SMB Document

Get control, overview and efficient sharing of the company’s documents.

With ShareControl SMB Complete you get a document solution that facilitates effective interaction for the management group, project groups or others who need to efficiently share information and work with documents on a common workspace.

Benefits of ShareControl SMB Complete

User friendly

ShareControl SMB Complete – a document solution that simplifies work with accounting and document management and allows the company to focus on its core business


Here your company gets an “all in one solution” for structured storage and an overview of the company’s business documents and can share information wherever you are.

Added value

Our solution is built on Microsoft 365 and easily accessible in Sharepoint. Therefore, our solution adds value to the platform you already use.

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ShareControl SMB Complete – simple support for your business

  • Effective sharing of documents when updating and processing content.
  • Common work space for your company’s employees for storing latest version of all company documents.
  • Structured storage using metadata that provides an overview and easy retrieval of documents .
  • Easy reuse and storage of documents and reports that are used frequently.
  • Easy to adapt to the company’s needs for follow-up of documents and reports

ShareControl SMB Complete – the central place for storing all company documents.

  • The company’s contracts with renewal reminders
  • Board and general meeting documents
  • Accounting documentation
  • All other business documents
  • With predefined structure tailored to your company

Our products


Calculation and reporting on all leasing and rental agreements.

Contract Management

Contract management and agreement management for overview and control.

Transparency Act

One place to handle all processes related to Transparency Act compliance.

Board portal

Effective board work in a safe and secure manner.

In addition, you get:

  • Financial calendar with deadlines for submission of public documents
  • Knowledge notices with relevant laws and regulations
  • Simple assignment of tasks that support good internal control
  • Write protection of folders with underlying documents
  • User access control for various document types
  • Easy installation and file browsing plus secure storage and user management in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 add-on and ShareControl SMB Complete – how it works

ShareControl SMB Komplett is an add-on to Microsoft 365. Simply put, it’s like an app that is added on top of the Microsoft 365 license you already have. This means that all data is stored on Microsoft and their storage solution SharePoint.

  • Full control over your data stored in Microsoft 365
  • You own all rights and have full ownership of the data that is stored