Professional management portal for Microsoft 365

– effective board work in a secure way

With ShareControl Board – the board and administration get a secure and unified platform with an overview of board meetings, business documents and board information, so that you can hold effective board meetings.

Benefits of ShareControl Board

Effective board meetings

A board portal for the modern board that requires effective interaction and decisive board meetings. Simple administration, user access control, and always available wherever you are.


ShareControl Board is built on Microsoft 365 and easily accessible in Sharepoint and meets high security requirements.

Legally binding

The solution can use various types of electronic signing of documents, agreements and protocols that are legally binding.

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ShareControl Board – for additional support of your business

With the ShareControl Board, you get a unified platform for:

  • Overview of board documents from previous and upcoming board meetings.
  • Digital signing of board minutes-of-meeting.
  • Always access to documents and company information.
  • Easy installation and secure storage and user management in Microsoft 365.
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Full overview of the board

Get a detailed overview of board documents, communications and other important board information. Send out invitations to future meetings and attach agendas for meetings.

Save documentation from conducted board meetings, so that it is easily accessible in the future.

Electronic signing

Sign documents and collect signatures faster.

Sign governing documents easily and efficiently from anywhere with your mobile device or computer with Adobe Sign or DocuSign.

30% faster transactions with Adobe Sign.

A Forrester study for Adobe
Elektronisk signering

Microsoft 365 add-ins

ShareControl Board – how it works

ShareControl Board er en add-in til Microsoft 365. Simply put, it’s like an app that is added on top of the Microsoft 365 subscription you already have. This means that all data is stored on Microsoft and their storage solution SharePoint.

This ensures full control over your data stored in your own Microsoft 365 tenant. The rights and ownership are therefore fully with the company itself rather than with a third party.

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Can effective board work give a competitive advantage?

Board members and management teams are often busy people. It can therefore be a challenge to be up to date with the latest financial information and keep track of what was decided from previous board meetings.

With ShareControl Board – board portal, you get a unified platform for board information and can hold effective board meetings. The board portal also provides the opportunity for effective digital board meetings, facilitates input in advance of meetings, effective communication and document management and the option for electronic signing of board minutes. This means that the board can focus to an increased extent on strategic issues and decision-making in the board meetings. The management portal can be set up with access control that handles sensitive information in a safe and secure way in Microsoft 365.

We believe that a proper tool that facilitates good interaction between board members and effective board work can free up the board members’ core competence for the board to make better decisions and thereby gain a competitive advantage.

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