ShareCOntrol Finance – The Finance Department’s portal

– Best practice for interaction when reconciling and documenting periodic and annual accounts

Monthly, quarterly and annual accounting reporting requires structured work that begins on time and is done efficiently in the finance department.

ShareControl Finance helps you manage the work and gives you the necessary tools for implementation.

  • Better interaction and collaboration in the finance department
  • Let all the documentation for the annual accounts be stored with you – and not just with your auditor
  • Easy management of repetitive tasks for periodic accounting, etc.
  • Full overview of all tasks and deadlines
  • Control and approval of reports and documents
  • Internal control of documents and reports
  • Incorporate the PBC list for your auditor so it is easy to follow up the documentation
  • Reduces your auditor’s follow-up work significantly

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Benefits of ShareControl Finance

User friendly

Easier to carry out and follow up work and documentation at end-of-period. Provides reassuring and more efficient reporting.

Simple audit

The structure of the documentation makes for easier auditing and less burden on the employees.

IFRS 16 expertise

We assist with best practice and “lean” for the accounting and finance process with our tools and long experience.

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ShareControl Finance – provides the basis for work-smarter in the finance department

  • Reuse the previous period when updating documentation, etc.
  • Best reconciliation tools included
  • Audit report with status of the documentation
  • Easily share information with accountants and auditors
  • Share documents and tasks. Follow up on the status of tasks.
  • Time saved means cost saved!
  • Secure storage and user management in Microsoft 365

Our products


Calculation and reporting on all leasing and rental agreements.

Contract Management

All-in-one contract lifecycle management software for complete overview and control.

Transparency Act

A place to handle all data and processes around the Transparency Act.

Board portal

Effective board work in a safe and secure manner.

Microsoft 365 add-on and ShareControl Finance – how it works

ShareControl Finance is an add-on to Microsoft 365. Simply put, it’s like an app that is added on top of your Microsoft 365 subscription. All data, documents and files are stored with you.

This ensures:

  • Full control over your data stored in Microsoft 365
  • You own all rights and have full ownership of the data that is stored