Aker Solutions

“Share Control’s strength is that their IFRS 16 system and professional expertise give us peace of mind”

Elin Leikåsen, VP Financial reporting
Industry: Oil service industry
Number of employees: 16 000
Users of Share Control IFRS 16: 12 people

What have we done together?

Our collaboration has meant that we in Aker Solutions together with Share Control got a system that works very well. Where Share Control has arrived at a technical solution and contributed specialist knowledge. We have had good professional discussions with Share Control.

Share Control differs from other suppliers in that they know IFRS 16. Aker Solutions has again contributed from a user perspective.

The solution is simple, intuitive and flexible where you can always see where the data comes from.

How did it come about that you became a customer of Share Control?

We started the collaboration with a pilot already in 2017. It was an opportunity to evaluate Share Control in relation to building a customized solution in Excel.

So we have been on the whole journey together, from 0 customers to Share Control today having more than 60 customers.

In what way do we deliver value to you?

The calculations have been done. Really appreciate the Change tab! The solution works very well for internal control at Aker Solutions. Easy to see changes with the auditor.

What must we do to continue being our customer?

It works very well, and they should continue as they are doing, with continuous improvements and that we can continue to have a dialogue about what we want in the solution.

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