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A place to handle all data and processes around the Transparency Act

We help companies manage the compliance requirements of the “Transparency Act” in one system, so you can avoid the risk of non-compliance and have full confidence that you sre compliant.

ShareControl Transparency helps you:

  • Collect all information about your suppliers
  • Send out surveys
  • Maintain a complete history of previous due diligence assessments and reports
  • Generate report with collected data
  • Templates for investigation, ethical guidelines, country risk for human rights violations (norwegian) and more.
Software for åpenhetsloven
Software for the "Transparency Act"

Brief about the “Transparency Act”

The Transparency Act shall promote businesses’ respect for basic human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and the provision of services, and ensure the public has access to information about how businesses deal with negative consequences for basic human rights and decent working conditions.

The Transparency Act entered into force on 1. July 2022.

Businesses that are covered by the Accounting Act § 1-5, or exceed the limits for two of the following three conditions:

  • Revenue: 70 million
  • Balance amount: NOK 35 million
  • Average number of employees in the financial year: 50 man-years

The steps you need to take now if you are affected:

The steps are not just a checklist, but require work, the involvement of several people in the business as well as a structured work methodology to respond to legal requirements in accordance with OECD guidelines.

Manage all work with the “Transparency Act” in ONE system

With ShareControl Transparency you have a seamless process from importing supplier data to assessment and reporting

  • Supplier Screening – Import a complete list of your suppliers and associated data such as country, industry, financial data and more. Make a selection of your suppliers that you want to follow up based on data such as industry, purchase volume and CPI index for country.
  • Data Collection – Customize the readily available questionnaire to suit your exact needs, send it to suppliers and collect responses.
  • Assessment – Simple overview to assess whether all necessary data and information have been collected.
  • Risk assessment – Assess risk based on collected data and set a risk level for the due diligence assessment.
  • Containment – Create containment plan notes at each supplier that is at risk
  • Implement – Implement measures at the supplier, and evaluate the measures on the notes function in the system.
  • Report – Use our integrated report template and adapt it to your final annual report.
  • Plan – Plan the next risk and due diligence assessment by getting an overview of risky countries or companies with a low rating from the previous due diligence assessment.
Prosesser for administration av åpenhetsloven
Guide for The Norwegian Transparency Act

Download guide for the Transparency Act

Get an insight into all the functions and processes that can help you with due diligence assessments and the handling of the Transparency Act. We have created a complete guide that takes you from anchoring in the board to due diligence assessments, risk assessment and reporting.

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Guide for The Norwegian Transparency Act


Start by creating a complete list of suppliers

Import supplier data from your CRM and finance system to get the data parameters you need for the best supplier risk assessment.

Easy import of supplier data:

  • Manual upload via Excel or CSV file
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 – ShareControl Transparency can be installed in the same environment as Microsoft Dynamics and work against the same database.

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Effective communication with suppliers

Collect and analyze real-time feedback from your suppliers. Streamlines large parts of the due diligence assessments in the Transparency Act, so that you ensure compliance with as many suppliers as possible before the deadline of 30 June. Choose between Customer Voice or Microsoft Forms:

Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is Microsoft’s simplest survey tool. The system is experienced as very user-friendly and covers most needs in handling the Transparency Act. And best of all, the tool is included with your existing Microsoft 365 subscription.

Customer Voice

Customer Voice includes the same functionality as in Microsoft Forms, but has even more options. The solution includes, among other things, better follow-up of dispatches in real time thanks to its tight integration with the Power Platform. Customer Voice also provides the ability to calculate a score based on the responses provided with its built-in satisfaction measurement system.

All your supplier data and documentation in one place

Expect to receive additional documents and certificates from your suppliers and link them to the supplier account in ShareControl Transparency, so you have ALL documentation in one place and a complete overview.

Give access and permission to relevant persons who help manage the Transparency Act’s compliance process.

ShareControl Transparency helps you to avoid manual processes and losing track by handling all processes in relation to the Transparency Act.

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Share Control helps businesses to set the compliance requirements in the Transparency Act into a system with ShareControl Transparency. Book a non-binding demo of the system here:

Due diligence-bedömningar: Klassificera leverantörsrisk utifrån valfri parameter

Classify supplier risk based on any parameter

Classify your suppliers into relevant categories related to the risk they represent to your business:

  • Risk exposure: country, industry and the like.
  • Relationships: purchasing volume and contract size.
  • More categories you find relevant

Parameters can be imported from the CRM or ERP system with optional integration.

Complete overview of risk assessment of suppliers

Finished dashboard for full overview

Complete dashboard showing a summary of all due diligence assessments and individual suppliers by risk category and risk assessment for each supplier. A software for the Transparency Act streamlines data handling and the assessment of each individual supplier.

Easily make changes to the parameters that affect the risk assessment, so that they suit the needs of the company.

Create custom reports

  • Generate the report directly from the system.
  • Ability to set up custom reports using Power BI and Excel
  • Possibilities for special adaptations.
Complete overview of risk assessment of suppliers as required by the Transparency Act

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Integration to the Microsoft applications Customer Voice, Forms, Microsoft Excel and Power BI.


A Power Platform application where you already control user access and network security.

Data protection

All data is stored in your Microsoft cloud, owned by you and under your control.

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Calculation and reporting on all leasing and rental agreements.

Contract Management

All-in-one contract lifecycle management software for complete overview and control.

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Effective board work in a safe and secure manner.

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