ShareControl Contract – System for contract management


Manage your contracts and increase your financial results

We help CFOs create and manage agreements and contracts throughout the contract lifecycle in one unified system to drive financial results.

The future success of your business is written into the contracts signed.

ShareControl’s solutions for contract management help you with:

  • Secure, complete, fast and accurate financial reporting: Cash flow, cost forecasts, risk and compliance.
  • Better management of financial results.
  • Eliminate operational risk, costly penalties and lost compensation.
  • Optimize routines for accounting, due diligence and compliance.
  • Manage contract renewals, terminations and performance reviews proactively.
  • Eliminate dependence on a single employee.

“Poor contract management costs companies 9% of the bottom line”

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ShareControl Contract Software

Manage the lifecycle of all your contracts in one place

The company’s contracts are a vision of the company’s future, with the benefits realized in the sum of all customer, employee and supplier contracts.

“The modern ecomony is held together by countless contracts”

– Quote from the Nobel Prize Committee 2016

If these benefits are to be realised, effective contract life cycle management is required for the entire duration to ensure that all parties are held to their obligations.

“10% of all contracts in a company are lost every year”

– Journal of Contract Management

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Share Control Contract - The complete system for contract lifecycle management


Simple administration of all your contracts

You have signed more contracts than you realize, and more often than not these contracts are not easily accessible, which means inaccurate cash flow forecasting, budgeting and financial reporting.

With Share Control contract management solution you will have:

  • Unwavering systematic support for the contract management process.
  • All contract-related data and documents in one place, for easy and accurate adhoc analysis and reporting in minutes.
fullt overblikk over alle kontraktdetaljer

Easily Manage New Contracts, Contract Changes & Expirations

Share and collaborate throughout the contract lifecycle

The contract owner, team and management have a full overview of upcoming contract deadlines and can eliminate dependencies on a single person.

  • Create new contracts and assign tasks and due dates for yourself and the team.
  • Receive automated reminders and a simple overview of all tasks to plan your work in good time.
  • Eliminate dependence on a single person.
  • Get access to the latest version of all contract-related documents.

Easy access to the complete set of contract-related documents makes new contract closing, contract review and renewals efficient.

Du you have specific needs for contract management?

If you have specific needs that you want covered in your contract management and agreement management, contact us to find out how we can solve them.

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Complete, accurate and fast reporting

Create new contracts and assign tasks and due dates for yourself and the team. Receive automated reminders and a simple overview of all tasks to plan your work in good time.

  • Cash flow and cost forecasts across specific or all contracts.
  • Reports on contract types and suppliers to identify redundant, cost-effective contracts and discover opportunities for consolidation.

Ultimate reporting flexibility

Set up reporting segmentation by adding metadata to your contracts and you’ll have unlimited reporting options.

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Digital signature

Integrated DocuSign and AdobeSign for seamless digital signing of contracts.


Integration to accounting and reporting programs such as SAP, Visma, Power BI, Excel VBA and more.


A Microsoft 365 add-on where you already control user access, network security.


Easily find all types of contract and contract data needed for financial reporting.

The Security and Compliance You Expect From a Microsoft 365 App

An add-on to the Microsoft 365 cloud-based system

ShareControl contract management and agreement management is an add-on to SharePoint in Microsoft 365, which means you own and control all data. Your data is not stored on a third-party cloud server, which means it is under the Microsoft 365 cloud network and user access control.

Even if you decide to no longer use ShareControl, your data and contracts will still be available and stored on your Microsoft 365 cloud servers.

Find ShareControl in the Microsoft App Store

GDPR and data privacy compliance

If you already use Microsoft 365, you already have a data processing agreement with Microsoft which most likely already covers the GDPR and data protection necessary for the ShareControl contract management system.

ShareControl contract management is privacy and GDPR compliant

Our products


Calculation and reporting on all leasing and rental agreements.

Transparency Act

A place to handle all data and processes around the Transparency Act

Board portal

Secure and efficient document sharing and collaboration with board members.

SMB Document

One place for easy access and management of all documents.

We Help You Get Started

Because the ShareControl Contract is a Microsoft 365 add-on, the setup is very “smooth”. We’ll load the ShareControl app and help you configure the contract management process to meet your needs.

We’ll also help you transfer data and documents to our Microsoft 365 add-on, so you’re up and running quickly.

Optional integration

ShareControl’s contract management and agreement management can report via Power BI, Excel and Excel VBA. But if you need integration to your consolidation or accounting system such as Cognos, SAP, HFM, Visma, Agresso or others, then we can help.


Configure to match the contract lifecycle management process, contract types, metadata for reporting needs and more.

Data transfer

We help you transfer your contracts so that all the data is in one place in the Microsoft Office 360 environment.


Optional integration to major reporting and financial systems such as SAP, Visma, Power BI, Excel VBA and more.


You get training and support as part of the setup and access to our large library of guides for ongoing training.

Watch a quick demo

If you need a demonstration of specific features such as reporting, integration options with your financial and reporting tools, we’d be happy to show you more. Explore our contract management and agreement management system here.

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Get answers to how Share Control Contract solves your contract management needs.