“It is noticeable that the Share Control IFRS 16 solution was developed by auditors who have thought about the Audit trail”.

Name: Elisabeth Croce, responsible for internal audit and Business Controller

Industry: Personal Care

Number of employees: 6 000

What have we done together?

We have laid the foundations for IFRS 16 handling and mapped all important agreements and added them to the system solution Administration, handling and flagging of agreements. With the Share Control IFRS 16 solution, control and reliability are created. Since Frösunda Omsorg is listed on Nasdaq, the figures must be absolutely correct, not just almost. Share Control has always been extremely customer-focused and helped with questions, says Elisabeth Croce, responsible for accounting and business controls, Frösunda Care

How did you become a customer of Share Control?

Since Frösunda Omsorg was acquired by Norlandia Health Care, through the group we gained access to this solution from Share Control for IFRS 16 and contract management.

In what way do we deliver value to you?

Elisabeth continues: -You have to dare to go inside and look at the system to understand the logic. Then you get a greater understanding and an exercise you should do to see that it is correct. Then you know that it is right for the auditors and you pass the inspection in a safer and more secure way.

What must we do to continue being our customer?

Share Control must continue to be so customer-focused and make use of the expertise they possess. Continue to develop the system and I look forward to even better instructions. In the long term, I would like to see a user group started where we have a forum to exchange experiences and problems, says Elisabeth in conclusion.

Frösunda Omsorg has a clear idea. With them, it is the customers who decide on their lives and everyday life. It has been shown that their way of working leads to more satisfied customers and thus a higher quality of care. Listing of Frösunda Omsorg AB on Nasdaq Stockholm.