Software for efficient​ IFRS 16 and contract management

The complete solution for your financial reporting and contract management needs on Microsoft 365.

Accounting according to IFRS 16

User-friendly solution for simple and correct reporting according to IFRS 16.

Contract Management on Microsoft 365

Manage your contracts on a secure platform.

Handling the Transparency Act

A system for handling the Transparency Act on the Microsoft Power Platform.

Get an overview of contracts and better reporting

Agreements that are automatically extended and contracts that expire without you having made a real assessment cost the company a lot of money. Contract administration and contract management with ShareControl Contract gives the company control and an overview.

How do all leasing and rental agreements affect your balance sheet – and how do you calculate the IFRS 16 obligations according to constant changes in your car lease agreement? Share Control IFRS 16 efficiently handles all leasing agreements in accordance with the IFRS 16 rules.

We find the customer support from Share Control to be efficient, as all requests submitted are addressed in a timely manner without affecting our business needs.

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Microsoft 365 add-ins

Microsoft 365 Cloud

Share Control solutions are all hosted on your own secure MS365 cloud inside your own firewall under your complete cyber security control.

Secure Access Control

All access permissions to Share Control solutions and data is managed via your current Microsoft Active Directory, the same place as all other MS permissions.

GDPR & CCPA Compliant

All data is stored on your MS365 cloud applications and is covered by your current data processor agreement.

Share Control IFRS 16

Manage lease agreements according to IFRS 16 in Microsoft 365

Make accounting for leasing and rental agreements under IFRS 16 easier. Save time and ensure accurate financial reporting with our user-friendly IFRS 16 system.

Microsoft 365 ensures an economical solution to access and manage critical documents throughout the organization. Increase efficiency and productivity by consolidating your files and data sources into one system. At the same time, you strengthen document security by limiting access to documents and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Share Control IFRS 16
Share Control Contract

Manage your contracts and increase your financial results

ShareControl Contract is a contract system that helps businesses take control of your contracts with a central place to store and manage them in Microsoft 365.

The company’s contracts represent a vision of the company’s future, with benefits realized in the sum of all customer, employee and supplier contracts. For these benefits to be realised, effective contract management throughout the contract’s lifecycle is necessary to ensure that all parties comply with their obligations.

ShareControl Transparency for The Transparency Act

Get control of your suppliers in accordance with the Transparency Act

Get control of the requirements of the Transparency Act with a system that helps you manage and collect all data in one system.

ShareControl Transparency is a system for the Transparency Act that collects all data from your suppliers and streamlines the processes in one system in Power Apps. Carry out due diligence assessments and rank your suppliers easily, before generating the statement directly from the system.

ShareControl Transparency for The Transparency Act

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Board portal

Effective board work in a safe and secure manner.

SMB Document

Effective interaction of documents for groups.


Interaction with the accounts.

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