Contract management

Contract Management in Microsoft 365

Did you know that on average 9.2% of annual income is lost due to mismanagement in contracts? Good control and management is therefore essential to ensure efficient and secure contract management. Reports from the Journal of Contract Management also show that 71% of businesses do not find every ninth contract as a result of poor … Read more

How to benefit from digital contract management?

In a world driven by technological innovation, companies face ever-increasing demands for efficiency, productivity and cost savings. One key to meeting these requirements lies in digital contract management. With the advancement of technology, the transition from traditional, paper-based agreements to digital agreements has become a crucial strategy to improve workflow, reduce risk and increase competitiveness. … Read more

4 reasons to digitize contract management

4 grunner til å digitalisere kontraktshåndteringen

In an increasingly digital world, there are still companies that believe that storing contracts on different platforms and on their own machines gives the best control. This is a claim we want to disprove in this article by showing some of the benefits you get from digitizing contract management. Why digitize contract management? Have you … Read more

What are the total costs and obligations of your contracts?

What are the total costs and liabilities of your contracts? Contracts are often managed using many different spreadsheets, in different departments, with no indication of where the latest version of the contract can be found. What are the total costs and obligations of the contracts? Contracts cost a lot of time and money to draw … Read more

What is contract management & contract management system?

Contract management is proving to be a very time-consuming element of the business, which facilitates the need for an efficient and automated contract management system. What is contract management? Contract administration or follow-up of contracts concluded with customers, suppliers, partners or employees. In contract management, the process of managing contract creation, execution and analysis to … Read more